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What Should You Expect If You're Paying $159,000 In Fairfax County?

Photo of 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 I am Nesbitt Realty. I'm a local Realtor specializing condominiums in Fairfax County. Photo of 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 is appears to be a smart purchase for many reasons. But I'm not recommending you buy this condo, or any particular condo in Fairfax County or Huntington Club. At least, not until I know your goals. It's more important to me that we find the right home for you. Photo of 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 My objective with this real estate review is to help you decide your preferences, so that you can move forward in your real estate search. As a buyer, you have a lot of choices to make about what's important to you. Photo of 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 Some of your considerations include:
  1. Do you want the most expensive condominium in the enclave, like 2636 Wagon Dr #274 or do you prefer the least expensive home like 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275.
  2. What style of place of residence do you prefer? If you like tiny condos, you'll love the area around Huntington Club.
  3. How many baths do you need? 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 has 1 full baths. What about half baths? 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275 has 0 half baths.
  4. Is the transportation network important to you? We'd be happy to tell you more about the Metro and transportation options near Huntington Club.
Photo of 2631 Fort Farnsworth Rd #275

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Types of Condos

Many people picture a high-rise building filled with apartments when they think of a condominium. But, not all condos are high-rises.¬† In fact, not all condos are buildings, much less hi-rises! For example, a bare land condo¬† is a condominium in which the owner owns land only. Even horses are getting into the act! Some stables have gone condo. In a stable condo, the owner purchases a single stall for his horse in a stable, but shares the stable and grounds with other horses and owners. At a marina, it is possible to condo a single slip from a dock. In both cases, the owners pay a fee to the association for maintenance, but in both cases, the owner is solely responsible for his interest in the condo. A more common type of condominium is the garden-style condo. Garden-style condos are one to five floors of condominiums and usually don’t have an elevator. From the exterior, townhouse condos look exactly like regular condominiums. It is even possible to have a single family residence titled as a condo. This can happen in a vacation community where the association maintains the exterior and grounds of the house, while the owners have possession of the interior of the house.   Our real estate agents are dedicated to excellence and are required to continue their education after licensing. There is no charge and no obligation to consult with a real estate agent.
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