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Latest Real Estate Photos From Jefferson Manor

Photo of 5816 North Kings Hwy It's hard not to love Jefferson Manor with photographs and prices like these. Photo of 5816 North Kings Hwy
$433,900 at Jefferson Manor SOLD!
Photo of 5816 North Kings Hwy
  • A home is still considered a great investment. However, the most important role of a home is to be a comfortable, safe place where you want to live.
  • Many first-time buyer clients in Alexandria don’t take the time to get prequalified. Ask Nesbitt Realty to help you find a lender that will establish your price range.

5903 Mount Eagle Dr #605

[$2,150, Alexandria, VA 22303]

2451 Midtown Ave #308

[$1,895, Alexandria, VA 22303]

2106 Farrington Ave

[$2,000, Alexandria, VA 22303]

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